The true behind the scenes story of the largest "counterfeiting" operation in u.s. history •
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Read the TRUE accounts as Dr. Julio Antonio del Mármol leads one of the largest covert money-printing operations in history!
This operation, codenamed "The Zipper", was created to finance counterterrorism and covert operations all over the world.  It's Dr. del Mármol's job to supervise a team that creates billions of dollars in US Currency.  
"We are going to clone the billions of dollars we need to tear down the Berlin Wall and bankrupt the Soviet Union."
“We are going to provide you with everything you need: legitimate currency paper and magnetic ink. The only thing the printer has to do is copy the plates we are going to give to you. This is because if there is any screw up we don’t want the original plates to end up in the wrong hands. If you follow my instructions step by step, everything will be fine. We need you to supervise the whole operation.” 


One fateful day, a trusted friend set Dr. del Mármol up, betraying him to the Secret Service as a counterfeiter. Even though he had the undocumented sanction of the government intelligence services, he was disavowed and abandoned by them. Left facing a seventy year sentence, Julio refuses to betray any of his team members and takes the multiple felony charges on his own. Sitting in jail, cut off from his contacts, he hatches a plan to escape, while the Secret Service does everything in its power to convict him and send him away for the rest of his days.
Why I Am Doing This...NOW!
Because history repeats itself when we don’t learn. Or we just want to forget or sweep under the rug what truly happened. History has shown that every time it repeats itself it is more devastating and 100 times worse. It’s more aggressive, gruesome, and appalling for everyone. As I have seen with my own eyes the effects are truly horrendous. This is the price we pay when we are not paying attention to the lessons of history, and don’t learn from our past. 

We like to forget these things ever happened, burying them in our hearts and minds, pretending like they never happened. But when history repeats itself, you are now faced with a choice; finally face reality, or continue to live with our heads in the sand. 

I have dedicated my life to truth and freedom. And for me there is no choice. I must face reality with courage and expose the horrors that I have personally witnessed. Telling the truth with no fear of criticism for all the world to see. Calling the perpetrators out in the open so they don’t have an opportunity to repeat the violent acts of history. 

When given the ability to act, you have a responsibility to do so. 

Once the wheels of history are in motion, you might not get the opportunity to act again...You Could Be DEAD!

meet the man behind the book
Dr. Julio Antonio del Mármol
Dr. del Mármol became the youngest commander in the Cuban Revolution at the age of 12. In this position, he was a part of Fidel's inner circle, and saw firsthand the plans that the Castro's and "Che" Guevara himself, had for the island of Cuba.

By 13, he had become a spy in Castro’s regime, taking secrets from Fidel’s personal office, and providing that intel to the freedom fighters of the world. He remained undetected for the next ten years.

When his cover was blown in 1971, he was forced to flee the island and has carried on his fight for freedom on a global scale as an international spy.  He became the most-hunted spy in all of Cuba, code-named by Castro himself as "The Lightning."

"As a member of the intelligence community for most of my life, I can assure you without any doubt that the way Dr. del Mármol describes in this book is exactly how the events unfolded."
- "O'Brien"
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Like James Bond, But in Real Life
Review By Stephen Weese
Revenge, drama, struggle, insurmountable odds, great escapes, romance, love, tears, secret gadgets and clandestine meetings, this story has all the great makings of a spy adventure-- with the added advantage that it is a true story.

Just hearing about the author's amazing escape from Cuba is already mind blowing, but when you read about how he worked with international intelligence services to print millions of dollars to finance covert operations around the world, you'll be completely stunned.
A Must Read!
Review By Truth Seeker
The Zipper was too powerful to put down. It's a love story, a political story, and a spy story all in one. Plus it ties up a lot of loose ends for those of us believe theirs a lot more going on than we see.

I've watched government guys testify on CSPAN and wondered what was really going on behind the scenes. This is it. Espionage, black ops, intrigue, adventure, all the things you'd want in a fictional 007 movie is here in a factual account of this guy's life. And the part about the government using him to counterfeit money was amazing.

"It had everything that I love. It had Adventure, it had Love, it had Sex. I could not put it down. Once you start reading it you understand you have to get to the end to see how it winds up."

Nancy Horvatter

"There's a spy genre, there's an action genre...and then there's Dr. del Mármol." 

Larry Andrews

"This is a must read for anyone who would like to know the TRUTH!"  

Robin Kasten

"I love stories based on true events.  These books definitely have to be on my shelf!  I'm sucked into what I'm reading right now and I'm only in the first chapter!  He seems like quite the man to know!  Meeting (Dr. del Mármol) will be on my bucket list."

Brianna Pavlas
what is the cuban lightning: the zipper •
A quick look inside •
The Cuban Lightning: The Zipper  is the true story of a spy asked by the intelligence services to secretly print U.S. currency to finance covert operations all over the world.
Look through the eyes of our Master Spy, Dr. del Mármol:
  • “Shh. Lower your voice. No, I don’t work for them, I work with them. There is a big difference. Please don’t repeat that word ever again. The people I work for are above the CIA, at another level. Just call it the intelligence community."
  • “Dammit! The fifty dollar bill I did in one hour. The twenty dollar bill I did in less than half an hour. But this goddamn Franklin, I cannot find the solution. This stupid little detail in his neck and his hair is driving me crazy!"   
  • "I'm here to offer you a deal. If you tell me who is behind you--as I know it's impossible for you to have had the resources to manufacture $23.5 million on your own--something huge has to behind this.  When he mentioned the $23.5 million, I smiled and chuckled softly, since he didn't know the full extent of what we did." 
Millions were burned: "Unfortunately, we do not have an incinerator here so just do the best you can as quickly as you can. We need to get rid of all this evidence. That way I can tell O’Brien the Zipper is closed.”
The papers followed Dr. del Mármol's arrest and trial.  
The Secret Service found over $20 MILLION Dollars at Dr. del Mármol's residence.  
The sealed documents have been released.  
Join a GHOST agent who knew Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, and Che Guevara - only to see his family and friends killed by their regime.  He gets his revenge, but it's a battle just to stay alive in
"The Cuban Lightning: The Zipper"
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